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Aircon Chemical Wash Services

Aircon Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash in Penang

When you need to consider to perform a chemical wash to your existing air cond unit? Here are some reasons for your point to note:

  • If your aircon unit is older units and being using  more than 3 to 5 years.
  • If you miss or never perform the regular maintenance services for long time ( eg.  1 years)
  • If house or office is at high traffic place, nearby construction site that generated a lot of dust
  • If your aircon is not working well and “sweating” sign is spotted.
  • etc.

Aircon Chemical Wash

An aircon chemical wash shall serious consider if the above tail sign is appear and full aircon overhaul the existing unit is a better option to increase the efficient again.

What are the process of Chemical Wash involved ?

  1. The air cond indoor unit (or fan coil/ ceiling cassette) will be dismantled for cleaning.
  2. The fan coil will be cleaned or washing the dust of the coils and parts.
  3. Air filters will be removed for cleaning
  4. The external unit ( aircon condenser) will be remove the cover to clean up the blower wheel, fan blade, panel and the condenser coils.
  5. The PVC drain pipes will be checked and wash/ flush to prevent chockage. Check the joints for no leaking sign.
  6. Test and check the blower and motor condition and applied necessary lubricant if needed.
  7. Test and check the compressor and the suction and discharge pressure is working properly. Check the refrigerator pipe and system.
  8. Check all the connection is remained tight, control panel is functional, no noise sound.

Should there any faulty parts is spotted, we will recommend the best repair method and the option or new part or second part before replacement.

Advantage of Air Cond Chemical Washing

After the cleaning,  aircon is up and running again, you may surprise the efficient of the system after the chemical wash.

The long never servicing aircon or washing, the aircon unit will growing up a lot of bacteria/ mold and it will be circulated within your indoor unit. If your family with small kids, or members experience allergies like sinus, a regular servicing and periodically chemical wash is essential.


Not Sure ?

You can contact us and our aircon technician will be performed and check and advise you whether it is necessary.  We will help you to keep your maintenance record for your next period of servicing.

Book in for your next chemical aircon wash today!

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Aircon Chemical Wash

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