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Aircon is Leaking

Aircon Is Leaking

Air conditioning is Leaking and need repair

When you notice your aircon unit is leaking and the wall is wet, it is definitely make you worry and need immediate attention.

Following are some of the reasons why your air con indoor out out door unit is leaking.

Aircon is Leaking

  1. Broken Pump and Chokage/ blocked of your PVC drainage pipe

This is quite common when the water start leaking due to the PVC drainage pipe is choked too long not being cleaned. As for the ceiling cassette system, there is pump in the indoor unit to pump the water to the pipes. If the pump is breakdown and no longer working, it will cause the pipe overflow and water leaking is occurred.

Call your aircon technician to check the pipe also on whether the pipe connection is tight, any damages or broken pipe which may need a new replacement.

2. Aircon is Condensated

In some cases, the condensation occurred on the indoor unit, and along the insulated pipes, the condensation may lead to water dripping along the pipes. It will be normal if the room is running the aircon to longer period and the wall behind is room temperature. The problem is condensation may lead to growing mould on the wall or ceiling surface is the issue did not resolved. Separate topic to prevent condensation on the wall or ceiling such as for the location of cold room, 24 hour aircon room or hospital operation theatre.

3. Low Freon Gas

The low freon gas ma cause the leak too. The pressure due to the low amount of freon gas will make the evaporator coil freeze over. When it is melts, the excessive water may overflow into the drain pain and cause leak out to the wall.


How to Prevent the Aircon Leaking issues

There are a few action you can take note so that minimise the aircon leaking problems:

  1. Regular maintenance and clean the air filtre
  2. Ensure the thickness of insulation of the gas piping is sufficient and prevent expose or missing insulation.
  3. Flush the PVC drain pipe to prevent clogged.
  4. Regular check and refill the freon gas  levels.

If you spotted the leaking of the water below the aircon unit or along the pipes, you may request your technician to check without delay. Any leaking issue without proper attention, it may cause damage to your timber flooring, wall paper and damaged your other property. This is not to mentioned electrocuted if there is power socket below the leaking area.

Penang Aircon Servicing Specialist

Need aircon technician to trouble shooting your aircon leaking problem? We can be your reliable aircond technician. We can repair the parts, new replacement or making good the damaged wall ( price separately) if you looking a specialist to clear your headache.

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Aircon Is Leaking

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