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Aircon Not Cold

Aircon Not Cold

Problem of Air Con Not Cooling?

Puzzle and worry about why your aircon is not cold than expected is one of most common air conditioning problem faced by most of client in Penang. Don’t panic, we are list out the common issue of the possibility of why your aircon is not cold before call your aircon technician.

  1. Aircon Condenser is not working

If the indoor unit is working not the hot is blowing out, do check your outside aircon condenser whether is working or not. Hear is there any sound and the fan is running or not, if it is dead and the fan blade is not working, it might be due to breakdown of the aircon condenser. Call your aircon technician immediately.


2. Thermostat Settings

Check your aircon controller of the thermostat setting, it is turn to ‘On” instead of ” fan ” only option. Reset the aircon thermostat to the “on” setting and adjust the temperature to at least 24 degree or less to enjoy the cold air. Feel it the air blow from the indoor unit.

3. Air Filter

When is your last aircon servicing to your aircon unit? If it is more than a year or commonly 3 months ( for heavy usage) is not being cleaning and servicing, the air filter may be blocked with dust. The blockage air filter will reduce the circulating of the cooled air blowing, and your aircon will have to work harder and more energy consumption is going to be to maintenance the temperature you set. For office aircon, the filter is recommended to clean once every month.

4. Obstruction of Aircon Compressor

The external unit of aircon compressor shall be free from obstruction. Do check whether the aircon condenser is blocked by stuff, tress, material which is prevent the air circulation. If there is door to closed the unit, do ensure the door is open. In some cases, you may consider to relocate your aircon unit to have more air circulation to resolve such issue.


5. . Aircon Fan wheel not working ( indoor Unit)

Do check your indoor unit fan blade is working or it is buzzing sound. If the fan is working well and running but no cold air that may be capacitor is breakdown. It need to check and replace by aircon technician.


6. No Gas

The aircon is required to refill with gas over the time. Most of time when you run a regularly aircon servicing, if the pressure of gas level is running low, the technician will inform you and refill it. In some cases, the connector is leaking gas and caused buzzing sound and condensation at the exterior unit, this need to be fixed immediately.

7. BREAKDOWN of condenser coil

Any other possible problem is the exterior condenser coil is breakdown. The motor is not running and a replacement of the part or whole condenser will be recommended if the repair/ replacement part is more than the new condenser unit.

8. Too old

If your aircon unit is too old and beyond any overhaul or replacement, it would be better to choose a new placement or get a reconditioned unit with fraction of cost. The replacement is only on the indoor and out door.

Penang’sĀ Aircon Servicing Specialist

If you are looking a specialist to solve your aircon problem we can help your perform the checking, trouble shooting or servicing of the aircon not cold problem. Price will be quoted for your consideration and we will provide a fair and reasonable quote in Penang.


Aircon Not Cold

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