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Aircon Repair Services

Aircon Repair Services

If your existing aircon is not cool, head of sound from the indoor air cond unit, experience water leaking below the air con unit etc., then, this should be the time you seriously need to request a experience aircon technician to examine or repair without further delay. In most of cases, the problems can be just fixed or repair with change of small parts when the problem is still at early stage, get it fix as soonest before it is too late.

Aircon Repair Services

Faulty air conditioning parts

Despite the wear and tears due to old ages of the aircon, the commonly break down of the parts may cause by following issues:

  • Dirts accumulated the indoor unit and Aircon condenser
  • Faculty of electrical wire connection for incoming and out going
  • Parts faulty
  • Drain pipe issue
  • Gas piping leaking and condensation issues
  • Filter worn-out
  • Control panel faulty
  • Etc.

With experience technician, an on-site inspection is be able to diagnose the issue and advise on the repair solution.

In some cases, the repair cost is not economical if compare with the new system, our experience technician will advise you with new replacement of AC system instead of repair.

If your aircon is in running under efficiency and required just to clean and chemical wash, we are unable to perform the improvement immediately and bills for the cleaning and servicing charge only.

Aircon repair technicians

We are only partner with the Aircon technicians that qualified and experience or equip with technical know how. We strike to provide trustworthy service and advise on your air conditioning issue and resolve the best solution we could.

We understand how important of aircon breakdown can affect when your business is still in operation or the problem of no aircon in a hot day at home.

Aircon Servicing Penang

Our other aircon services

Other than aircon repair service, we do offer other services to fulfill our customer needs as follows:

  • One-Time General Aircon Servicing Deals
  • Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service
  • Yearly Contract For Air-Conditioning Service Maintenance
  • Air-Conditioner Checking & Troubleshooting Service
  • New Aircon Installation ( Split, ceiling cassette, VRV System)


Still not sure what type of services and problem facing by your aircon unit? You may drop us a line or call our hotline to talk to our sales person on your issue facing.

Want to know more other than Aircon Installation Service, you can find out more like:

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Aircon Repair Services

2 Responses so far.

  1. james says:

    i have 1hp aircon bitten by rats/tikus… can you repair it?

  2. Alex Ichikawa says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have two questions about your cleaning procedure.
    1. Do you dismantle the fan coil of the air cond indoor (wall) unit?
    2. Please let me know what type of cleaning chemical do you use.

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