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Aircon Switch off Automatically

Whoops, why my aircon is automatically switch off by itself?

Those home owner install aircon in his house or office in Penang will have one day face the problem. This is common when the age of aircon is more than 5 years, some times is intermittent, some is on and off occasionally.

Following are the some reasons that may cause the aircon switch off by itself:

1.Check your Timer

Check whether is there any pre-set timer for the aircon previously. Re-set and test it again.

If there is no pre-setting of the timer, do check the timer controller is in good condition, the defective timer may cause problem to turnoff automatically. Call the air-cond technician to get it fixed or replace a new one.

Aircon Controler
2. Check the power switch control

Most of case, there is a power switch control for the aircon unit prior you turn it on by use of remote control. If the power switch is no light on after it is switch on, they will be no power supply to the aircon in-unit. Don’t panic, check whether any ELCB in the Sub-DB in your house is tripped, turn up and check again.

If problem remain, call your electrician and check the power supply to the aircon unit is working or not.

House Electrical DB

3. Faculty Fan Coil Circuit Board

The internal unit of the aircon of the printed circuit board may be faulty and cause it turn off totally.  Call your aircon technician to check it immediately.

aircon control switch
4. Compressor and Condenser Breakdown

The other issue may cause this problem is due to compressor or condenser breakdown. The overheating compressor, full of dust, block by dirt to the compressor and never being services may result of the shut it down.

Engage a trusted aircon technician to perform periodically cleaning and servicing ( min 3 months respectively, subject to condition) to avoid it is overheating. Do not obstruct your compressor ( external unit) with doors, stuff etc to prevent the fresh air intake.

If the checking by technician is confirmed of breakdown of compressor or condenser, a replacement is recommended. Ask for re-con part if there is suitable model and you are not mind for temporary measure to fix your problem.

5. Faulty of  Thermostat 

The function of thermostat is to maintain and control the temperature of the room. The faulty thermostat can result your aircon unit to turn off automatically too. The parts are normally can get it replace and fix it by air-cond technician.
Don’t under estimate or ignore the problem of the aircon, just do your own self check and call the aircon specialist to check or replace it when the problems are happen intermittent and often. An earlier detection and replacement in some time can save you to replace a new aircon instead.

If you are looking to get some reliable aircon specialist to solve your aircon problem, you may give us a call for non-obligation quote.

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