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Aircon Troubleshooting Services

Aircon Troubleshooting Service

If your office or home is installed with aircon either a split unit for ceiling cassette air conditioning for few years, you might face some problems and need some attention.

Despite of your regular maintenance schedule, some time due to wear and tear of the equipment, you may experience some breakdown and require replacement or repair. The life span of the equipment is similar to your car, when some spare parts may breakdown after clocking certain mileage.  You may need a reliable breakdown technician when you in need at highway when your car is in highway, and a aircon technician that you trust when in hot day or haze day.

Aircon Troubleshooting Service

Common Air conditioning Problems

It is a stressful experience when the aircon is appeared with problems and we are use to have a air cond.

Following are the some common air conditioning problems that require your attention to can be resolved.

  1. Aircon is not cold. It can be still working but you are experience only hot air is blowing out from the indoor split/ ceiling cassette unit.
  2. Aircon unit is sweating or notice leaking signs on wall or ceiling ( for those conceal upon the ceiling)
  3. The Thermostat sensor is not functioning. The temperature that set is not able to re-adjust or no light signal.
  4. Noisy sound on the indoor or outdoor unit.
  5. The aircon is automatically turn on and off by itself.
  6. Etc.

Scope of Work for Troubleshooting

Our experience aircond technician will perform a detail onsite checking on the equipment.

  • Check the indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Check the gas pipe and drain pipe.
  • Check the filter.
  • Test and check the control panel and electrical connection.
  • Troubleshooting of faults in air conditioning system
  • Prepare service report on fault(s) found and recommended repair action(s)
  • Prepare appropriate quotation on repair parts required
  • Explain and educate customer on finding and recommendation

For any replacement of the spare parts, the warranty period for the parts that replaced is 90 days.

The job scope is quoted only for the aircon trouble shooting, in the cases where the false ceiling is required to be cut and open or existing damages ceiling due to leaking or flushing. The quote for the repair or replacement of ceiling is not inclusive unless others stated. This is applicable to other associate work like electrical isolator etc.

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Aircon Troubleshooting Service

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